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  • G.S.R. 37(E)

    MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, FOREST AND CLIMATE CHANGE NOTIFICATION Published in the Gazette of India Extra No. 36 Part II Section 3 sub section da...
  • OFFICE MEMORANDUM dated 4.1.2019

    OFFICE MEMORANDUM dated 4.1.2019 Sub.: Standardization of Environment Clearance conditions - reg. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Cl...
  • No.09/2016

    tamt«mÀ hml\ hIp¸v þ d±v sNbvX SmIvkv ssek³kv, ^okv ckoXv F¶nhbpsS Zpcp]tbmKw XSbp¶Xn\mbpÅ \...
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Latest Judgement

  • Criminal P.C. 1973, Ss.437 & 482 – A bail once granted cannot be cancelled on the off chance or on mere suppositions.
  • Swatantrata Sainik Samman Pension Scheme 1980 – In cases where the claimant is able to successfully prove the claim on the basis of primary evidentiary material, then the claimant is entitled for grant of Freedom Fighters’ Pension under the Central Scheme, not merely from the date of sanction order, but from the date of submission of the application.
  • Panchayat Raj Act 1994 (Kerala), S.232( 1) – The language of Section 232(1) makes it clear that the Village Panchayat should notify the purpose for which the licence as provided in the section is required to be obtained.
  • Transfer of Registry Rules 1966 – The Transfer of Registry Rules, 1966 is not a statutory Rule, as the same has not been framed under the enabling provisions of any parent enactment and hence the same is a non-statutory Rule.
  • Prevention of Corruption Act 1988, Ss. 19( 1) & 17 – Previous Sanction – Until a final decision is taken in the reference in Manjju Surana (2018 (2) KLT 315 (SC)), the dictum laid down in Anil Kumar (2013 (4) KLT 125 (SC)) holds the field.
  • Panchayat Raj Act 1994 (Kerala), Ss.271J( 1)(i) & 271M( 4)(d) –Conjoint reading of the provisions of Sections 271J and 271M of Act, it is clear that the limitation prescribed under Section 271M(4)(d) is only in entertaining a “complaint” filed after the expiry of three years from the date on which the matter complained against have taken place, which thus means, a reference made by the Government or of any allegation that has come to the notice of the Ombudsman can be entertained by the Ombudsman, irrespective of the limitation prescribed under clause (d) of Section 271M(4) of Act, 1994.
  • Motor Vehicles Act 1988, S.149 – Insurance Act 1938, S. 64VB( 2) -- The soul of the provision under Section 64-VB would be defeated, if the said provision is interpreted to mean that even after the receipt of the premium in advance, the insurer receiving the premium could postpone the assumption of risk to any time or any day after its receipt and could place reliance on such aspects to disavow the obligations to assume the risk and the liability to indemnify the insured owner of the said vehicle.
  • Land Tax Act 1961 (Kerala), S. 5 – When registered joint land holders seeks mutation on the strength of partition deed, the enquiry into their original title is irrelevant.
  • Cochin Denatured Spirit and Methyl Alcohol Rules 1965 – Liquor Transit Rules 1975 (Kerala), R. 5( 3) – The State Government had no authority to impose fee for transit of denatured spirits from Cochin Port to the State of Tamilnadu.
  • Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000, S. 23 – Penal Code 1860, Ss. 79 & 80 – Parents, teachers and other persons in loco parentis are entitled as a disciplinary measure to apply a reasonable degree of force to their children or pupil old enough to understand the purpose to which the act was done.
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