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  • G.S.R. 409(E)

    Foreigners (Tribunals) Amendment Order, 2019 MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS ORDER Published in the Gazette of India Extra No. 342 Part II Section 3 s...
  • S.O. 1936(E)

    MINISTRY OF LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT NOTIFICATION Published in the Gazette of India Extra No. 1731 Part II Section 3 sub section ii dated the 10th June,...
  • G.S.R. 331(E)

    MINISTRY OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS, FOOD AND PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION (Department of Consumer Affairs) NOTIFICATION Published in the Gazette of India Extra No. ...
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Latest Judgement

  • Constitution of India, Art.226 – Caste status – Normally, the lineage for a family member belonging to the Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe will be through the father and if he marries a woman of another caste/community, the woman usually embraces the caste/community of her husband but not vice versa.
  • Co operative Societies Act 1969 (Kerala), S. 69 – Constitution of India, Art.226 & Art.227 – It cannot be said that the order passed by the Co-operative Arbitration Court is a judicial order of a civil court, which can be challenged only by invoking the supervisory jurisdiction of this Court under Article 227 of the Constitution of India – Article 226 can be invoked.
  • Motor Vehicles Act 1988, S. 14( 2) – The judgment of the Supreme Court in Vaisakhan’s case (2017 (3) KLT OnLine 2182 (SC)) may apply to cases where the necessity to possess a current Driving Licence throughout all stages of selection process is not insisted.
  • Education – The fixation of the cutoff date for production of the qualifying degree certificate with advance notice cannot be said to be arbitrary or discriminatory if it is within the year of admission.
  • Co operative Societies Rules 1969 (Kerala), Rr. 44( 3) & 176 – Rescission order issued to the effect that three members of the committee are ineligible to participate in the meeting – Merely because they had already received the show-cause notice and further that the notice of the meeting had certain deficiencies, cannot, by any stretch of imagination, be legally found to offer justifiable cause for rescinding the resolution under Rule 176 of the K.C.S. Rules.
  • Representation of the People Act 1950, S. 22 – Before removing a person from the voters list, the electoral registration officer is duty bound to give the person concerned a reasonable opportunity of being heard in respect of the action proposed to be taken.
  • Constitution of India, Art.226 & Art. 13 – Challenge against notice issued by District Cricket Association – Writ Petition is not the remedy when the dispute is one with regard to enforcement of the right of the members under the bye-laws.
  • Co operative Societies Act 1969 (Kerala), S. 33 – Co operative Societies Rules 1969 (Kerala), R. 44( 3) – Sufficient and reasonable opportunity should be given to the members to prove their case through relevant and germane materials, rather than merely recording that because they have not produced any records, they would automatically cease to be the members of the Society.
  • Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996, Ss. 34 & 16 – When the Arbitrator passes any order during the pendency of the arbitration in respect of the maintainability of the arbitration proceedings, the remedy available is to challenge the order along with the challenge to the award, under Section 34 of Act 1996.
  • Stamp Act 1959 (Kerala), Ss. 45A & 28A – In the absence of any fixation of fair value under Section 28A of the Act, the Sub Registrar cannot direct to pay the stamp duty – The District Collector also cannot fix any fair value in an appeal against such order.
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