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  • No.U5-104493/2021/PHQ

    POLICE DEPARTMENT t]meokv DtZymKkYcpsS s]mXpP\§tfmSpÅ s]cpamäw þþ amÀ¤ \nÀt±i§Ä ]pd...
  • No. DI-1/9750/2024.

    Electronic Filing Rules for Courts (Kerala), 2021 Extending Applicability of the Rules to the Motor Accidents Claims Tribunals, the WAQF Tribunal and...
  • No. DI-3/8753/2024

    Service of Summons/Notice through Registered Post/Speed Post in the Civil Courts in the District Judiciary — Reg. (Published in Kerala Gazette ...
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Latest Judgement

  • Civil P.C. 1908, O.XXI R. 97 – A person holding possession of an immovable property on his own right can object in the execution proceeding under Order 21, Rule 97.
  • Criminal P.C. 1973, Ss.202, 468(2)(c) & 473 – A Magistrate, taking cognizance on a complaint filed by a public servant in the discharge of his official duty need not record the statement on oath before issuing process.
  • Penal Code 1860, S.306 – In a case of death by poisoning, be it homicidal or suicidal and which is based on circumstantial evidence, recovery of the trace of poison consumed by or administered to the deceased is of critical importance – It forms a part of the chain; rather it would complete the chain to prove homicide or suicide.
  • Civil P.C. 1908, O.VI R.17 & O.XXIII R. 3 – While dealing with an application for amendment one of the important factor that is to be considered is as to whether the amendment would cause prejudice to the other side or it fundamentally changes the nature and character of the case or a fresh suit on the amended claim would be barred on the date of filing the application.
  • Conservation of Paddy Land and Wetland Rules 2008 (Kerala), R. 4( 4d) & 4( 6) – Under Rules, 2008, a person who is aggrieved by an entry in the Data Bank can either approach the RDO or the LLMC for appropriate correction or for removal of his land from the Data Bank.
  • Constitution of India, Art.226 & Art.142 – Reference against Asian Resurfacing (2018 (2) KLT 158 (SC)) – There cannot be automatic vacation of stay granted by the High Court – Blanket directions to decide all the cases in which an interim stay has been granted on a day-to-day basis within a time frame cannot be issued in the exercise of the jurisdiction under Article 142 of the Constitution of India.
  • Civil P.C. 1908, O.XXI R. 32(5) – In the execution of a decree for declaration of title, followed by a prohibitory injunction, a Commission can be issued to construct a compound wall, which relief was not, in terms, granted.
  • Constitution of India, Art. 32 – Judicial Review of Government Policy – Community Kitchens Scheme – The Courts do not and cannot examine the correctness, suitability or appropriateness of a policy, nor are the courts advisors to the executive on the matters of policy which the executive is entitled to formulate.
  • Rules of the High Court of Kerala 1971, R.212 – Representation of the People Act 1951, S. 81( 3) – Maintainability of the election petition – Election petition is not liable to be rejected for non-compliance with the requirement of Rule 212 of the Rules of 1971 as copies of petitions to be furnished under Rule 212 are only in addition to what is required to be filed under Section 81(3) of the Act of 1951.
  • Constitution of India, Art.226 – Transfer of Property Act 1882, S. 52 – Civil P.C. 1908, S. 64 – No writ could be issued by this Court invoking the powers under Article 226 of the Constitution of India directing to register a gift deed when an order of attachment passed by the Sub Court, is in force and if the property is to be transferred pending the suit, the same can only be on the strength of an order passed by the competent civil court where the said suit is pending consideration.
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