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  • S.O. 650(E)

    MINISTRY OF MINORITY AFFAIRS NOTIFICATION Published in the Gazette of India Extra No. 533 Part ii Section 3 sub section ii dated the 4th February...
  • S.O. 635(E)

    Central Goods and Services Tax (Removal of Difficulties) Order, 2019 MINISTRY OF FINANCE (Department of Revenue) (CENTRAL BOARD OF INDIRECT TAX...
  • S.O. 565(E)

    MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, FOREST AND CLIMATE CHANGE NOTIFICATION Published in the Gazette of India Extra No. 452 Part II Section 3 sub section ii date...
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Latest Judgement

  • Family Courts Act 1984 – Review -- An error which is required to be detected by a process of reasoning can hardly be said to be an error apparent on the face of the record.
  • Words and Phrases– “Ballasting”, meaning of.
  • Criminal P.C. 1973, S.482 -- In the exercise of its jurisdiction, a High Court can examine whether a matter which is essentially of a civil nature has been given a cloak of a criminal offence.
  • Right to Information Act 2005, S. 12( 5) – Appointment of Chief Information Commissioner -- All the persons who have been selected belong to only one category, namely, public service, i.e., they are the government employees -- It is difficult to fathom that persons belonging to one category only are always be found to be more competent and more suitable than persons belonging to other categories -- The Search Committee to pick up suitable candidates from other categories as well.
  • Specific Relief Act 1963, S. 16(c) -- The essential question to be addressed by the Court in such a matter to always been as to whether, by taking the pleading and the evidence on record as a whole, plaintiff has established that he has performed his part of the contract or has always been ready and willing to do so.
  • Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989, S. 3( 1)(xi) – Where minimum sentence is provided for, the Court cannot impose less than the minimum sentence.
  • Contract Act 1872, – Where one of the parties to the contract issues a full and final discharge voucher confirming that he has received the payment in full and final satisfaction of all claims, and he has no outstanding claim, that amounts to discharge of the contract by acceptance of performance and the party issuing the discharge voucher/receipt cannot thereafter make any fresh claim or revive any settled claim, unless he proves that he signed and issued the discharge voucher/receipt under vitiating circumstances.
  • State Bank of India Act 1955, S. 18 – The employee of a Bank has no right that he should be associated with the decision-making process in respect of the fixation of salary.
  • Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996, S. 34 – Award passed by an arbitrator on the issues of limitation only is an interim award – It can be challenged independently u/S.34 of the Act.
  • Service Law – Merely because a representation was replied a stale claim shall not become a live claim
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