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Latest Judgement

  • Criminal P.C. 1973, S.372 Proviso –‘Victim’ need not apply for leave to appeal against the order of acquittal.
  • Promotion of Tree Growth in Non-Forest Areas Act 2005 (Kerala), S. 6( 1) – Kerala Preservation of Trees Act 1986, S. 4 – The intention of the legislature as discernible from the substantial provision of the Act 2005 was to remove the stringent restrictions imposed on the cutting and removal of trees standing on non forest lands.
  • Service – Constitution of India, Art.226( 2) – If the cause of action; if not whole, at least in part; arises in Kerala a Writ Petition to enforce such a right can be filed before the High Court of Kerala.
  • Criminal P.C. 1973, Ss.167( 1) & 167( 2), 173 & 437 – The stage of investigation ought to be confined to 90 or 60 days, as the case may be, and thereafter the issue relating to the custody of the accused ought to be dealt with by the Magistrate on the basis of the investigation.
  • Municipality (Procedure for Meeting of Council) Rules 1995 (Kerala), R. 13 – Anomaly in English version of the Rules pointed out.
  • Forest (Conservation) Act 1980 (Kerala), S. 2 – Whether laying of pipelines would come within the ambit of “Non forest Activities”?
  • Constitution of India, Art. 19( 1)(a) – Service – The right of freedom of speech is not absolute when the individual right of an employee becomes repugnant to the collective interest of the Institution, the individual must fall within the lines of collective interest.
  • Constitution of India, Art.315 – The schedule of interview once fixed by the Public Service Commission, which is an autonomous body, cannot lightly be interfered with to suit the convenience of any particular individual – There is a constitutional obligation on the part of the Public Service Commission to select the best available candidate from the many to a post and the interview and verification of certificates are part of this exercise.
  • Constitution of India, Art.226, Art. 14 & Art. 21 – Habeas Corpus – The exercise of jurisdiction should not transgress into the area of determining the suita-bility of partners to a marital life.
  • Abkari Act 1077 (Kerala), S. 67 – The standard of proof required for conviction in a criminal case is very high and the prosecution is bound to prove beyond any semblance of doubt that the accused is guilty – In a confiscation proceedings initiated under Section 67B of the Act, such standard of proof is not required.
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